Enjoy Hurda Party At Pawar Agro Resort

If you are in Maharashtra during the season of Jowar harvest, then your trip is incomplete without a hurda party. What is that?  Hurda is nothing but corns of Sorghum or Jowar, roasted and separated. Once upon a time, it was a delicacy of the rural people, but in modern times, urban people are crazier for that.

The season for Hurda Party At Pawar Agro Resort is from December to February. When the month of December
approaches, Jowar ears get ready for plucking, and this is also the time to snack on the unique preparation known
as Hurda. It is indeed one of the best agricultural treasures of Maharashtra.

If you are excited about it, then come to Pawar Agro Resort. It is a place where you can enjoy delicious Hurda in the natural surroundings.

When Hurda is carefully roasted, which retains the majority of the nutrients, Tender Jower is rich in fiber and iron with quite high protein levels. It is said that Hurda is rich in anti-oxidants and all sorghum (hurda) varieties are gluten-free.

It is said that the taste and flavour of Hurda get doubled when you enjoy it in the jowar fields or outskirt. It is not an item that should be eaten in the house.

But it is quite an interesting thing to know that Pune city and its surrounding areas are not commonly known as Jowar growing belt. Then how come Hurda Party has become popular in the city?

Hurda parties were introduced very recently here. During the last decade, agro-tourism has shown great growth. As the population in Pune inflated after the IT boom, many people from outside got steeled in Pune. Then the culture of weekend tourism increased.

Now, people want to spend their weekends in the natural environment. It is the reason; the Hurda party has become a trendy thing.

People from other states, especially Gujarat, are very much interested Hurda Party Resort Near Pune.

Why is Pawar Agro Resort the best place?
Spending two days in the backdrop of huge trees would be a refreshing experience. It has a tremendous positive impact on your mind and health. You get recharged to face the burdens of a modern lifestyle.

At Pawar Agro Resort, you get a fun-filled weekend and, of course, a delicious Hurda Party. There are various water activities, fun games, and other things to keep you busy.

It is a family place where everyone in the group has something to enjoy. Cycling, tractor and bullock cart rides, cricket, football, volleyball, and badminton can be enjoyed.

There is enough space for indoor activities as well. You can enjoy chess, carom, card games, and other puzzle games.

It is guaranteed that you will enjoy every moment of the Hurda Party at Pawar Agro resort. It is because the place is at a convenient distance to enjoy a Best Hurda Party Near Pune.

Not just Hurda, but we have several other dishes on our menu card to make your trip memorable. Therefore, you get energized by spending time in a calm and undisturbed environment.

Are you planning to go to a place where you can have rejuvenating and enthralling Hurda Party experience? If yes, then come to Pawar Agro Resort, the one and only family place near Pune.

Hurda Party and a lot of fun

You can book a weekend Hurda Party At Pawar Agro Resort. You can come for one day or two days. We recommend that you should come for two days at least.

Arrive at Pawar Agro Resort on Saturday. You will be greeted by the staff, and as per your package, a welcome drink or breakfast and tea, and coffee will be served.

To give you the best experience, we will roast the Hurda in a Chulha or earthen oven. We will insist that our guests should also participate in the activity. It will give a feel of nature. Especially, kids enjoy it a lot.

Since it is the winter season, Hurda is served along with several condiments, e,g, garlic chutney, tilgul, curd, and thecha. It will enhance the taste of Hurda.

The Hurda party is a great idea to bring your family together to enjoy the warm sun in the winter season and eat nutritious and tasty hurda.

The tender jowar ears are available only for three months before the grain gets ready. When you often eat these roasted over coal or a wood fire, sometimes with just salt and a wedge of lemon for the zest. The green jowar is juicy and slightly chewy. You can feel the fresh flavours in every bite.

Since it is a two-day program, our guests get a chance to taste a rustic meal. Jhunka, Bhakri, chicken curry, halwa, and seasonal vegetables are served for lunch or dinner.

When you eat such delicious and rustic food, you don’t feel like going home. Whether you come for one day or two days, there will be everlasting memories of the trip. You and your family and friends will enjoy every moment of your stay.

Benefits of Hurda Party

Hurda Party is an integral aspect of Agrotourism. It has become popular because of its benefits.

What is the basic purpose and benefit of agrotourism? One is to give the experience and feel of rural life to urban people. Another reason is to bring the consumers closer to the farms. When they feel the life of farmers, they understand the labour and hard work involved in agriculture.

Also, it gives the urban people a big relief and they enjoy the serene surroundings. They forget the hustle and bustle of their daily life. It is a time when they recharge their mind and body.

Hurda Party At Pawar Agro Resort is a good learning experience for the kids. They know many things and enhance their knowledge.

So, next time you want to enjoy a wonderful time with your dear ones, book Hurda Party at Pawar Agro Resort. It is so much delighting experience that you would like to come here every year.